Turkey Industry Overview

The United States boasts 50% of the global turkey production.  Turkeys are actually indigenous to North America...fossils have proven that wild turkeys have been part of North America for more than 10 million years!


Iowa's Turkey Industry

Iowa is proud of our farm families that include about 130 turkey farms with the majority comprised of 2nd and 3rd generation turkey farmers.

Iowa ranks 7th in US turkey production, with approximately 12 million raised annually.


Economic Impact

The turkey industry in Iowa employs or supports over 38,000 total jobs and is responsible for for as much as $10.64 billion in total economic activity throughout the state.

The state is home to two processing facilities (Tyson Foods in Storm Lake and West Liberty Foods in West Liberty) in which over 15.5 million turkeys are processed annually, ranking Iowa 6th in US turkey processing. 




Our Products

You can find Iowa turkey products in most major grocery retailers, as well as top quick service restaurants and major sandwich chains.