Lincoln Supply Feed Mill Expansion Ground Breaking

A ground breaking ceremony was held on a sunny June afternoon at the Lincoln Supply Feed Mill facility located east of Ellsworth.

The $12 million investment will expand the existing feed mill capacity, integrate the newest technology and enhance grain receiving and storage. These aggressive investments will double the feed mill’s output to around 800,000 tons of feed annually for local turkeys and hogs.

An estimated three jobs will be added. It is projected the feed mill will use 20 million bushels of corn and 100,000 tons of soybean meal annually to meet the feed needs for area turkey and hog farmers.

The feed mill is a partnership venture with 50% of the facility owned by Ag Partners,LLC and 50% owned by Lincoln Supply LLC which is comprised of 15 central Iowa turkey farmers.

Previous improvements to the feed mill occurred in 2008 when the former mill was removed and a new mill was built and put into operation. The project is scheduled for completion next summer.