FREE Thanksgiving Cookbook! The Ultimate Guide to Whole Turkey

We have all the info you need to perfectly cook a turkey for Thanksgiving (or any other day!)  Download our FREE cookbook to learn how to do everything from choosing a turkey to carving it. 

Ultimate Guide to Whole Turkey: From purchasing to carving, with bonus tips on making dressing and gravy.  A FREE cookbook download from the Iowa Turkey Federation

What’s in the cookbook?

  • How to choose and purchase a turkey
  • How to thaw a turkey
  • How to clean a turkey
  • How to season a turkey with rubs, marinades or brine
  • How to prepare dressing or stuffing 
  • How to roast a turkey
  • How to roast a frozen turkey
  • How to deep fry turkey
  • How to grill a whole turkey
  • How to smoke a turkey
  • How to carve a turkey (photo guide)
  • How to make turkey gravy

Includes 17 Recipes for:

  • Whole Turkey
  • Marinades
  • Brine
  • Turkey Dressing
  • Turkey Gravy
  • Turkey Broth
  • Turkey Rub

(Easy BBQ Turkey, Shoot the Turkey -Roasted turkey injected with marinade,  Award Winning Barbecue Turkey, Old Fashioned Turkey Dressing, Cranberry Nut Dressing, Giblet Dressing, Chestnut Dressing, Mushroom Dressing, Slow-Cooker Dressing, Basic Brine, Lemon Barbecue Marinade, Teriyaki Marinade, Herb Mustard Turkey Rub, Cajun Spice Turkey Rub, Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Glaze, Turkey Broth, Turkey Gravy)

How do I get my cookbook?

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